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Jimmy Hill - when he rubs his chin, there's something naughty he can't keep in.  Oo-er!Welcome to Avatars.disko.co.uk
If you're fed up with the same old, bog-standard avatar for your online profile why not get yourself one of ours? Each one is custom made by our own fair hands, making them quite unique (unless of course someone has used the same image as a base for the avatar, or they've nicked ours!)
Our avatars include ones that are movie, cartoon, band and humour based, and we add more all the time. Check out our special section on our forum to find an avatar that suits your need.

Cheers, Collie.

News - May 2005
All Forum avatars are now available and posted at our forums - you can access them via this link. New avatars due soon. Please refer to the special usage guide found on the forums before you use our avatars.